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Heritage Research Library II  

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Items Added during the Past Year - Oct. '08 - Oct. '09 Print Page

New Titles - items added during the past year - October 2008 - October 2009

Call Number      Title                                         Author
BIO ADA          John Adams and the American Revolution        Bowen, Catherin
BIO BUTZ         World War II As I Saw It                      Butz, William C
BIO FITCH        Miss Abby Fitch-Martin                        Loughlin, Katar
BIO JOHANSON     Art and Survival: Patricia Johanson's Enviro  Kelley, Caffyn
BIO MILLAR       James Patterson Millar 1851                   Wilson, Elizabe
BIO NORTHUP      Twelve years a Slave: Narrative of Solomon N                
BIO POA          Lady of the Diary or The Little Yankee Goes   Marston, May Ag
BIO RASCHER STO  Rascher (AnnMari) Collection                                
BIO TEK          Kateri Tekakwitha: The Lily of the Mohawks (  Walworth, Ellen
BIO WAS          George Washington and the American Military   Higginbotham, D
BUS HARRIS       Harris New York Manufacturers Directory (200                
BUS MER          Log Marks On the Hudson                       Merrill, Richar
CD GEN 1 INDENT  Indenture for John Sheaf House on Route 22,                 
CD GEN 2 MUSTER  Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops                  
CD GEN 3 PASSEN  Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1538-                
CD GEN 7 NEW YO  New York Births and Baptisms II: Eastern Reg                
CD GEN 16 HEADS  Heads of Household Listing: New England 1870                
CD GEN 17 HEADS  Heads of Household Listing New York As Birth                
CD GEN 18 IMMIG  Immigrants to America, 1600's-1800's Immigra                
CD GEN 19-23 WI  Owls and Annals Scan                                        
CD GEN 24 GENEA  Genealogy and History of Cattaraugus County,                
CD GEN 25 INDEX  Index: Old Cambridge District, Fort Edward B                
CD GEN 26 U.S.   U.S. Federal Census Index:1870 New York                     
CD GEN 27 SELEC  Selected New York revolutionary War Records                 
CD GEN 28 CORBI  Corbin Collection Voume 3: Records of Berksh                
CD GEN 35 MILLA  James Patterson Millar 1851                   Wilson, Elizabe
CD GEN 37 THOMP  Thompson Family Genealogy (Original Ancestor                
CD GEN36 NORTHU  Solomon Northup's Odyssey                                   
CD HIS 2 INDIAN  Indian in His Wigwam or Characteristics of t                
CD HIS 3 LINCOL  Lincoln's Veteran Volunteers Win the War                    
CD NYS 2 MUSTER  Muster Rolls Of New York Provincial Troops 1                
CD NYS 5 FROM    From the Mountains to Manhattan: History on                 
CD NYS 6 O'Call  O;Callaghan and Muster Rolls of New Fernow 1                
CD NYS 8 HIISTO  History of the Ninety Third Regiment, New Yo  King, David H.,
CD NYS 9         State of the Hudson 2009                                    
CD REF 1 CONNEC  Connecting to Collections; A National Initia                
CD REF 4,5 CONN  Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action;                
CD REF 6 CONNEC  Connecting to Collections: A Call To Action:                
CD REF 7 FIELD   Field Guide to Emergency Response                           
CD WAR 1&2 TOUR  Tour Thurman: A Self-Guided Jaunt to Homes a                
CD WAR 3 JOHNSB  Johnsburg Cemetery Records                                  
CD WAS 3 DIARY   Diary of a 19th Century Farm Wife Alma McCle                
CD WAS 4 A HUDS  Hudson Falls, New York (CD)                                 
CD WAS 4 B HUDS  Hudson Falls, New York (CD)                                 
CD WAS 5 BOTT    Bottskill Baptist Church: Letters of Commend                
CD WAS 6 FEEDER  Feeder Canal Alliance: Five Combines Aug. 1,                
CD WAS 7 CAM     Cambridge Historical Society and Museum                     
CD WAS 8 FfORT   Fort Ann History-1690-1780                                  
CD WAS 10 & 11   New Topographical Map of Washington County N                
CD WAS 11        1866 Atlas of Washington County NY                          
CD WAS 12        1866 Atlas of Washington County, New York                   
CD WAS 13 INDIA  Indian Trails; Washington County, NY: Five N                
CD WAS 14 PUTNA  History Of Putnam (NY)                        McArthur, Thoma
CD WCHS 1 JOUR   Journal of the Washington County Historical                 
CD WCHS 2 DAVE   Dave Ruch:Little Theater on the Farm                        
CD WCHS 3 BATT   Battenkill Railroad; Ron Croud Lecture                      
CD WCHS 4 LOIS   Lois McClure Sailing Canal Boat Lecture by E                
CD WCHS 5 CANAL  7Canal Tour 2007                                            
CD WCHS 6 FRAT   Fraternity of Grange                                        
CD WCHS 7 SMOKE  Smokehouses in Washington County                            
CD WCHS 8 MAPLE  Maple Syrup Production                                      
CD WCHS 9 CAMB   Tour of Cambridge: WCHS 2005 Annual Meeting                 
CD WCHS 10.1     Sheep Shearing, Dog Herding                                 
CD WCHS 11 ICE   Ice Harvesting                                              
CD WCHS 12 COUN  Country Schooling in Washington County                      
CD WCHS 13 BECO  Becoming Your Own Archivist                                 
CD WCHS 14 MANY  MANY Lectures                                               
CEM BRANDON      Brandon Cemetery Inscriptions Rutland County  Jenks, Margaret
CEM CAM          Whiteside Church Cemetery, Center Cambridge,  Brash, Katherin
CEM ORWELL       Orwell Cemetery Inscriptions Addicon County   Jenks, Margaret
CEM WEST RUTLAN  West Rutland Cemetery Inscriptions Rutland C  Jenks, Margaret
COL WYCK BOX3    Some Facts Concerning Our Local History       Sawyer, Willoug
DVD REF 1 FIELD  Field Guide to Emergency Response DVD                       
FIC BAR          White Ravens                                  Bartow, Stuart,
FIC BARTOW       Reasons to Hate the Sky                       Bartow, Stuart
FIC EKPHRASIS    Ekphrasis: Art Into Words                                   
FIC EXPRESSIONS  Expressions                                                 
FIC GAR          Father's Gone A-Whaling                       Gardiner, Alice
FIC RIK          Dear Ones All                                 Rikhoff, Jean 
FOE YEARBOOKS    Fort Edward High School Yearbook                            
GEN AND          Great Migration Begins:Immigrants to New Eng  Anderson, Rober
GEN AND          Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1  Anderson, Rober
GEN ARN          Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636 to 1850: F  Arnold, James N
GEN BAR          Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital                
GEN BUC          From Bulkeley to Bulkley to Buckley           Taylor, Thomas
GEN GEN          Genealogies of Rhode Island Families From Rh                
GEN GEN          Genealogies of Rhode Island Families From Th                
GEN HARRINGTON   Caleb M. Harrington and His Wife, Jerusha Ja  Clarkson, Sara
GEN HEI          Quaker Genealogies: A Selected List Book Of   Heiss, Willard
GEN HEN          New York Essays: Resources For the Genealogi  Henry, Marian S
GEN IND          Index to Glens Falls Post Star Obituaries                   
GEN IRISH        Iriah American heritage Museum: Bibliography                
GEN MAY          Mayflower Families Through Five Generations:  Kellogg, Lucy M
GEN MUDGE        Family Letters: A Potrait of an American Fam  Mudge, John T.
GEN NEV BOX ONE  Nevin (William J.) Estate Collection                        
GEN NEV BOX TWO  Nevin (William J.) Estate Collection                        
GEN NEW          New England Historical and Genealogical Regi                
GEN NEW          New England Historical and Genealogical Regi                
GEN NORTHUP      Northup-Wood Family Photograph Album                        
GEN REM          New York State Probate Records: A Genealogis  Remington, Gord
GEN REM          New York State Towns, Villages, and Cities:   Remington, Gord
GEN ROB          Best Genealogical Sources in Print: Essays b  Roberts, Gary B
GEN WARD         Descendants of Ephraim Durham of Guilford Co  Ward, Azuba Rut
GEN WILBOR       The Wildbores in America: A Family Tree (5 v  Wilbor, John Re
HIS BIS          Champlain: The Life of Fortitude              Bishop, Morris
HIS CON          Saybrook and the American Revolution: The Sa  Connors, Daniel
HIS GRE          History of Naugatuck Connecticut              Green, Constanc
HIS JON          Palatine Families of Ireland                  Jones, Henry Z.
HIS MILLARD VOL  Lake Passages; A Journey Trhough the Centuri  Millard, James
HIS ROSS         Lincoln's Veteran Volunteers Win the War: Th  Ross, D. Reid 
HIS ROSS         Lincoln's Veteran Volunteers Win the War: Th  Ross, D. Reid 
HIS RUT          Birth of the Bill of Rights 1776-1791         Rutland, Robert
HIS SCH          Founding Fathers                              Schachner, Nath
HIS SCH          Colonial Merchants and the American Revoluti  Schlesinger, Ar
HIS SMI          Seventeenth Century America: Essays in Colon  Smith, James Mo
HIS THO          Seeking the Northwest Passage: The Explorati  Thompson, Donal
HIS TOOLEY       Maps and Map-Makers                           Tooley, R. V. 
HIS VAN          The Great Rehearsal: The Story of the Making  Van Doren, Carl
HIS WER          Puritan Oligarchy: The Founding of American   Wertenbaker, Th
HIS WIL          Saints and Strangers: Being the Lives of the  Willison, Georg
MAP DRAWER 10 D  Ella L. Rose Diploma                                        
MAP DRAWER3      Sewer System Maps For Rouse's Point and Glen                
MAP DRAWER4      19th Century New York StAte Map Group (3 Map                
MAP DRAWER5      Camden Valley Aerial View Map                               
MAP DRAWER6      Grandma Moses Calendar 2005                                 
MAP DRAWER7      Copy of "A. Briggs & Sons Wool and Flax Mill                
MAP DRAWER7      Document Collection: Pease, Coffins, Phillip                
NYS DUE          "Duely & Constantly Kept": A History of the                 
NYS INT          Intrusion of Cameras In New York's Criminal                 
NYS KING VOL.1   History of the Ninety Third Regiment, New Yo  King, David H.,
NYS KING VOL.2   History of the Ninety Third Regiment, New Yo  King, David H.,
NYS MAS          Backward Glances Vol. II                      Mason, howard C
NYS NEW          New York State DireCtory 2005-2006                          
NYS NEW YORK     New York Red Book 1958-1959                                 
NYS NEW YORK     New York Red Book 1959-1960                                 
NYS NEW YORK     New York Red Book 1960-61                                   
NYS NEW YORK     New York Red Book 1961-62                                   
NYS NEW YORK     New York Red Book 1962-63                                   
NYS PITKIN VOL.  New York State Ghosts: Volume One             Pitkin, David J
NYS PITKIN VOL.  New York State Ghosts: Volume Two             Pitkin, David J
NYS SMI          Judicial Review of Legislation in New York 1  Smith, Franklin
OBJ LAING        New Testament Translated From the Original G                
PER GEN          Genealogist                                                 
PER NEW          New England Historical and Genealogical Regi                
PER QUA          Quarterly: John Thurman Historical Society                  
PIC CENTENARY    Centenary United Methodist Church of Greenwi                
REF BOO          Bookshelf User'sGuide                                       
REF CAL CD       Call To Action: National Conservation Summit                
REF CAP          Capitalize On Collections Care                              
REF CON          Connecting the Three C's: Collecting, Conser                
REF DRE          Promoting Preservation Awareness in Librarie  Drewes, Jeanne
REF ELL          Care Of Prints and Drawings                   Ellis, Margaret
REF GATEWAYS     Gateways to the Past;A Guide to Published So  Williams, Geoff
REF GOR          Preservation Management For Libraries, Archi  Gorman, G. E. a
REF HIGGIN       Higginson Book Company Catalogues (4 Volumes                
REF INVENTORY    Inventory 2009: Washington County Historical                
REF IPI          IPI Media Storage Quick Reference                           
REF LON          Caring For Your Family Treasures: A Concise   Long, Jane S. a
REF MAL          Legal Primer On Managing Museum Collections   Malaro, Marie C
REF MUS          Museum Handbook: Part I: Museum Collections:                
REF MUS          Museum Handbook: Part I: Museum Collections:                
REF NAT          National Trust Manual of Housekeeping: The C                
REF OGD          Caring For American Indian Objects: A Practi  Ogden, Sherelyn
REF RIT          Photographs: Archival Care and Management     Ritzenthaler, M
REF WAR          Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time   Ward, Philip  
RR NEW           New Topographical Atlas of Washington County                
TRA THO          Railroading in the Cambridge Valley           Thornton, Dave
VER BRY          Yankee Politics in Rural Vermont              Bryan, Frank M.
VER JENKS        Women and Children of Poultney, Rutland Coun  Jenks, Margaret
VER JENKS        Rutland County Vermont Probate Extracts Fair  Jenks, Margaret
VER JENKS        Rutland County Vermont Probate Extracts Fair  Jenks, Margaret
VER JENKS        Rutland County Vermont Probate Extracts Fair  Jenks, Margaret
VF BIO BELDEN    Historical Essay: Diary of a Union Soldier    Belden, Darlene
VF BIO NORTHUP   Northrup Closs Gravestones                                  
VF BIO SAFFORD   Safford Family Genealogy                      Cabo, Julie, po
VF BIO TABOR     Tabor Genealogy                                             
VF BIO WOOD      Wood Family Genealogy Chart                                 
VF SARATOGA  BR  Brookside Museum's Surname Index                            
VF SUB SLATE VA  Slate Valley Museum Collection                              
VF SUBJ SCOTLAN  National Covenant in its Historical Setting   Steele, Alan J.
VF T&V  COMSTOC  Emanciipation Celebration                                   
VF T&V HARTFORD  Photographs -- Hartford                                     
VF WASHINGTON C  Washington County Brochure Samples (1977-198                
W-ARG MAC        Argyle Patent And Its Early Settlers (in two  MacNaughton, Ja
W-CAM CHIEFTAIN  Chieftain '71                                               
W-CAM JER        Cambridge 1873 Centennial Address             Jermain. G. W.
W-CAM THO        Murder! At Buskirk's Bridge                                 
W-CAM THO        Bad 'Ol Days in the Cambridge Valley, Book O  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Cambridge Steel Plow:Its History and Develpm  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Founding of Cambridge Village: East End-West  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        History of the Cambridge Hotel                Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Last Irishman Hanged at the Washington Count  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Monument To Success: J. B. Rice Mansion, Cam  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        "Old Tub" the J.J. Gray: the First 100 Years  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Public Library Movement in the Old Cambridge  Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Story of Cambridge's Greatest Industry: The   Thornton, Dave
W-CAM THO        Up From Slavery in the Cambridge Valley       Thornton, Dave
W-DRE KAP        Huletts Landing On Lake George                Kapusinski, Geo
W-EAS IND COPY   Index to the History of Washington County Ne                
W-EAS IND COPY   Index to the History of Washington County Ne                
W-FOA TUR        Pilot Knob Story: An Historical Report of It  Thorne, Frederi
W-Foe MUL        Idle Hour Club                                Mullen, Charles
W-GRA ROT BOOK2  Main Street (From The Granville Sentinel) Bo  Rote-Rosen, Mor
W-GRE MIL        Diary of Sarah A. Mills                       Mills, Sarah Am
W-HUD RIC        Memories of Early Sandy Hill                  Richards, Orson
W-HUD SAN        Sandy Hill Days; Hudson Falls NY                            
W-PUTNAM PUTNAM  Putnam:A Historical View of the Town Located  Pasco, Theresa
W-SAL THO        Poisoned Romance                              Thornton, Dave
WAR GLENS FALLS  Glens Falls; the "Empire City"                              
WAR PROCEEDINGS  Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of W                
WAR PROCEEDINGS  Proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of W                
WAS BARBER       Washington County, N. Y. Index of Wills From  Barber, Gertrud
WAS COC          Upstate New York: Towns That We Love          Cockey, Elizabe
WAS HIL          Original Hill Collection: Parts One and Two                 
WAS HIS          History and Biography of Washington County a                
WAS HIS          History Of Pilot Knob, Vol. Four: Titles and                
WAS JOURNAL 200  Journal of the Washington County Historical                 
WAS NEW          New Topographical Atlas of Washington County                
WAS THO          Historic Fairs of Washington County           Thornton, Dave
WAS WADE         Marriage and Death Records From Washington C  Wade, Susan, co
WAS WIL          Valley Called Camden:Two Parts                Wilson, Richard

Titles Added: 217
Copies Added: 221

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